By Armand Doru Domuta

We live in a complex world – one that challenges us to rise to the occasion and overcome its difficulties time and time again. Threats such as climate change, pollution, and energy poverty must be addressed and conquered, if we, as a species, are to continue to flourish on this Earth.

I am an energy and blockchain entrepreneur with well over a decade of experience in my field and have developed over 500 MW of renewable energy projects (PV, hydro, biomass), including forecasting, dispatching, balancing and cross border energy trading. I’m also Chairman and CEO of Restart Energy Innovative Technologies AG, head of Armand Group, and the President of the Romanian Blockchain Association.

It is no exaggeration to say that the energy business is my life, while renewables and blockchain are my passion. Energy Freedom – democratizing energy – this is where my path takes me and I hope to benefit not only my customers but also the rest of the world in pursuit of this goal. It’s why I sponsored the Restart Energy Electric Tour – to highlight the viability of a green future not only in our homes but on the road as well.

That said… sometimes it’s difficult to face the myriad of hurdles put in my path; be it by outdated regulations, innately inefficient legacy systems, or monopolies that still have a stranglehold over the energy business in many countries that have recently deregulated and thus allowed innovation and new ways of problem-solving to aid with their energy issues.

Thankfully, I am not an island – I am NOT alone. And neither are YOU!

Both of our problems can be solved, if only we find the tools and the right people to help us – individuals dedicated to solving complex problems with lateral thinking and hard work.

Where I might find myself lacking, there is always an expert that would benefit from my experience and reach – together, we are always greater than apart. We need each other if we are to flourish! Strong partnerships are key for all businesses!

For example, my company was built with a vision to democratize the energy sector; thus it benefits greatly from the reach provided by our sales partnership with Telekom Romania (part of the Deutsche Telekom group – the largest telecommunications provider in Europe by revenue). We also have long-established partnerships with both blockchain-based companies such as Solara and Ethos, supermarket chain Profi, as well as many others that all bring something unique to the table and in turn are able to benefit from Restart Energy’s expertise in the energy and renewables market.

The Digital Age and Partnerships

I would also like to point out that, in this digital age, any strong brand will have a community associated with it. When two companies partner, their communities often seek out the other’s social media and take note of them.

This is a major boon, but it is not without its risks – here it becomes important to preempt issues before they take root and have a strong, clear digital presence that clarifies who you are and what you stand for, and how this can benefit your new partner’s community. Communication is your best tool – use it wisely.

Overcoming Climate Change

When talking about challenges, it would be remiss of me to not address one of the greatest challenges of our generation – one that has been talked about for years now – is Climate Change and its myriad ramifications that, if left untreated, may fundamentally imperil our way of life.

It is fundamental to address the root cause of this phenomenon and with that knowledge overhaul our outdated industrial and energy infrastructure that is slowly choking this planet’s atmosphere.

The most important part of the solution is as radical as it is simple: green energy! It’s in the name.

The Sun alone can provide more than we have ever needed – we just need better ways of tapping into that energy, and, equally as important, better ways of managing what we already have; to reduce both energy and bureaucratic inefficiency. Augmented by eolian, hydro, and biomass renewable sources, we have the fundamental ability to go fully green at some point in the future – it’s a matter of willpower and the right tools. I’m in the business of providing a part of that toolset – the RED Platform powered by our own SWAZM blockchain.

Mastering Yourself

Dedication. Hard work. Vision. Leadership. Strength of purpose.

These are qualities you will need, in no small amount, to overcome the challenges you will face. Cultivate them – learn them. There is much more you will need, but these fundamentals will be the basis of your success. To acquire and maintain them, you have to work not only on your company but also on yourself. How you do this is up to you, but as a veteran of many years, I can say I have gone down many paths and found my own way. You have to find yours and it will be the bedrock of your success!

About the Author:

Armand Doru Domuta is the Chairman and CEO of Restart Energy Innovative Technologies AG and the President of the Romanian Blockchain Association.

He scaled Restart Energy into one of the fastest-growing energy companies in the EU and the main private alternative energy and gas supplier for 35,000 households and SME’s in Romania & Serbia with several international subsidiaries. Dreams to bring people Energy Freedom!

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