Open Letter to Global Leaders – A Healthy Planet for Healthy People

I am proud to be a signatory of the Call to Action from the Planetary Emergency Partnership:

Emerging from the Planetary Emergency and partnering between People and Nature

The open letter calls for immediate collective action in response to the human health, economic, climate and biodiversity crisis with solutions that build resilient societies on the longer term.

Firstly, the signatories “express a profound sense of solidarity with the most vulnerable communities” as the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

“This crisis is also demonstrating how much we depend on each other, as one humanity living on one planet, for our health systems, as well as for our food systems and supply chains.”

Fundamental to Alliance4Impact is the belief that “challenges can be managed only through collective action that starts long before they become full-blown crises and must be acted upon not as singular threats but as a potential series of shocks”.

“Covid-19 has shown us that overnight transformational change is possible. A different world, a different economy is suddenly dawning. This is an unprecedented opportunity to move away from unmitigated growth at all costs and the old fossil fuel economy.”

The letter asks leaders to choose their next actions based on whether they will “amplify global threats or mitigate them”.

“We know what the solutions are: investing in renewable energy instead of fossil fuels; investing in nature and reforestation; investing in sustainable food systems and regenerative agriculture; and, shifting to a more local, circular and low carbon economy.”

“…recovery packages should not be designed as free tickets, but rather include some strong economic incentives and conditions for companies and industries to shift to a low carbon circular business model, and invest in nature and people.”

The full letter has been published in today’s Financial Times (subscription) and is available in full on the Club of Rome website with the complete list of signatories.

You can also add your name to this rapidly growing partnership for a better world.