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We work with our clients to develop a lasting rapport, and a deep knowledge of particular business and humanitarian objectives. This allows us to give truly bespoke advice and support, and to:

Provide bespoke analysis and advice drawing on a wide network of trusted and experienced professionals;
Broker and supports relationships between communities, companies, and organisations;

Manage collaborative processes towards commonly agreed objectives for tangible impact;

Convene and facilitate events for people to build relationships of mutual benefit.

Through advisory services, facilitation, representation, training, guidance, and by providing an avenue for communication A4I helps you to:

  • Identify your goals, set targets and design a programme of action
  • Focus your efforts to achieve the greatest societal impact
  • Identify the partners you need
  • Connect and build sustainable long-term cross-sector partnerships
  • Collaborate on objectives of mutual interest
  • Deliver achievements in the most sustainable and effective way